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5 Home Maintenance Tasks to Tackle This December

As December kicks off the start of winter, consider giving your home a little TLC to make sure it's properly prepped for the cold season. The following are five key areas of maintenance to keep your place in tip-top shape until Spring.

Prep your gutters. To prevent ice damming in your gutters, clear any debris such as bird’s nests or leaves to make way for water to move. If ice damming has been a problem in the past, consider lining your gutters and the edge of your roof with heating cables - typically $200 to $400 depending on your home size.

Cover water heaters. If your water heater is stashed outside, like in the garage, attic or an unfinished basement, be sure to snuggle it up with an insulated water heater blanket to slash your utility bills.

Seal any leaks. Keep hot air inside your home by sealing any leaks - often around warped doors or windows. Depending on the severity of your leaky spot, you may need to replace weatherstripping, or add storm doors or windows.  

Protect your pipes. There are many ways to protect our pipes. If you haven't already done so, shut off water to any outside spigots. Then, open spigots so any remaining water can drip out. Seal any gaps where pipes run through walls or floors, and depending on your home, you may also want to consider adding heating tape to sections of pipe that are at a particularly high freeze risk.

Add insulation. Head up to your attic and make sure your insulation is still in tip-top shape. Typically, insulation should be swapped every 15 years, but it could be needed sooner. Check for signs of deterioration, like your insulation peeling back from your walls, or signs of mold or moisture. Another obvious sign your insulation needs attention? If your home is harder to heat than it used to be.

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