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How-To Keep Your Pipes from Freezing

With temperatures dropping in cooler parts of the country, many homeowners are already cranking up the heat. Frozen pipes are a leading cause of damage to homes in the winter months, as they can lead to bursting and serious water destruction. To prevent this, consider the following insights.

Close that garage. This is especially important if your water supply lines are in the garage, but regardless, an open garage can be a detriment to a well-heated home.

Keep the thermostat consistent. A slight fluctuation during day and night is alright, but overall, keep your thermostat consistent to prevent your pipes from freezing, and never let the heat drop below 55 degrees.

Add insulation. In some areas of the country, it's smart to put foam covers over outdoor spigots and insulate water pipes with foam pipe insulation. If you're struggling to keep your property warm, you may want to improve insulation in the attic, basements, crawl spaces and garage. 

Keep a drip. In any faucet served by exposed pipes, keep a slow cold drip to promote waterflow and prevent freezing. 

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