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4 Tips for Winter Yard Care

With winter on the way, many homeowners have already stopped thinking about yard and lawn care. However, the onset of winter is precisely the time you want to take precautions to protect your landscaping. Below are four areas of interest:

Prune your trees. Now that the leaves have fallen, you have an easy view of any limbs that are broken, damaged or that should be pruned back. Not only will this help your tree allocate precious energy toward its healthy limbs, but it will keep limbs from damaging your property during winter storms or severe weather.

Mulch, mulch, mulch. Mulching a two-inch layer in the beds around trees and plants adds winter protection, keeps your roots warm, prevents erosion and reduces water loss.

Lower your lawn. The last time you mow your lawn for the season, lower the height of your mower by a notch, since long grass is at further risk of damage during freezing and thawing. Before your area's "first frost" date, aerate and fertilize your lawn one final time.

Pack away any extras. Don't forget to move any and all items from your lawn and yard before winter hits, such as sprinklers, furniture and lawn tools.

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