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The members of the Top 5 in Real Estate Network® are some of the country's leading real estate professionals and adhere to the TOP 5 CREED, which is as follows:

Community Commitment: Consumers can be assured that I reflect the highest standards of real estate excellence and have a personal commitment to support the interest and betterment of the communities which I serve. I also participate and contribute to the Top Agent community, thereby creating a stronger network of real estate professionals nationwide.

Results: My productivity as a real estate professional ranks within the top 10% of real estate agents nationwide or within my community.

Education: I believe that educationally-oriented real estate professionals are both better-equipped and more inclined to respond to the real estate-related needs of the consumer. Because of this, I have completed more real estate-related education than is required by my state association and more than most other agents.

Experience: I have been a real estate agent for a minimum of three years or I have closed a minimum of 70 transaction sides. This gives me the experience necessary to properly and professionally represent my clients and the knowledge required to address the various real estate issues that may arise.

Digitally-Enabled (Technology savvy): I believe that every consumer deserves to receive the information they want in the way they want to receive it. Therefore, I am knowledgeable about the power of technology and the Internet and effectively utilize those tools to provide my clients with what they want and expect. I am also committed to being vigilant in providing both information and Internet-related services to both consumers and clients.

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Top 5 Coaching

img7Everyone needs a coach. Even the most successful people, who perform at the highest levels, whether in business, sports or life, rely upon a coach.

For most agents, seminars or training programs mean that you LEARN something new. Coaching, on the other hand, empower you to actually DO something new! At Top 5 in Real Estate we believe that the most successful agents, even those who are already performing at the very highest levels, are not only coached regularly, but are very coachable. Coaching just works!

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