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Why Work with a Top 5 Agent?

RISMedia's Top 5 in Real Estate Network® will provide consumers with a wealth of benefits. A primary benefit will be that consumers will now have both knowledge of and access to those real estate agents who can provide them with the greatest value. In doing so, RISMedia, through its Top 5 in Real Estate Network®, will essentially protect consumers who will now become more cautious regarding how they involve underperforming, less experienced and unskilled real estate agents in their important real estate-related decisions.

By working with a Top 5 member, consumers will benefit from:

- Real estate decision-making tools and resources-Exclusive Top 5 Network information on all real estate-related needs will be provided to consumers and clients of members in print, online and through video.

- The five following criteria that Top 5 members must satisfy:

Experience: Consumers will take comfort in the knowledge that all Top 5 members have a minimum of three years experience (although the average tenure is substantially greater).

Results: All members are ranked within the top 10% of real estate agent productivity within the industry (although a sizable percentage are able to claim they rank in the top 2% or better).

Education: Top 5 members must satisfy professional real estate-related education requirements. The benefit to consumers is that we believe educationally oriented professionals are both better equipped and motivated to respond to the real estate-related needs of consumers.

Information Technology: Knowledgeable and effective utilization of the Internet is indispensable if consumer informational needs are to be met. Top 5 members, in concert with RISMedia, the leader in real estate information systems, are vigilant in their commitment to provide both information and Internet-related services to both consumers and clients.

Commitment to Community: When consumers call upon the services and skills of Top 5 in Real Estate members, they can be assured that members not only reflect the highest standards of real estate excellence, but also that each member has made a personal commitment to support the interest and betterment of the respective community they serve.

To find out more about Top 5 in Real Estate call 508-362-1444 or email Danny Griffin at danny@dannygriffin.com.