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7 Foods You Should Never Microwave

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

By Barbara Pronin For most of us, warming a cup of coffee or zapping a frozen dinner in the microwave has become a way of life. But some foods can turn ugly - even deadly - when microwaved. Here’s a list of seven foods you should never cook in the microwave:

Whole eggs - When microwaved, the radio waves enter the egg directly, causing steam to be released from the egg. An exploding egg and a messy, smelly clean-up could result. Take the time to boil the egg instead.

Frozen fruit - The microwaving process converts some of the fruit’s healthiest properties into carcinogens that compromise the immune system. Take fruit out of the freezer and let it defrost at its own pace.

Raw rice - Rice is meant to be boiled. It may seem an easy option to microwave it, but rice can be the hosts of certain bacteria. Cooking in boiling water destroys these bacteria, whereas microwaving may not - and this could potentially lead to food poisoning.

A mug of water - At the very least, be careful. When you heat a mug of water in the microwave, it can superheat even without boiling. When you add a tea bag or stir the water, it boils rapidly all at once, which can cause it to spill or explode, leading to big-time burns. 

Raw frozen meat - Everyone has occasionally realized they forgot to take meat out the freezer for dinner. But safely microwaving frozen meats is tricky. If the heat doesn't distribute evenly, which is almost always the case, you end up with hot spots and still-frozen spots, and the growth of dangerous bacteria.

Broccoli - While most veggies can be happily cooked in the microwave, broccoli isn’t one of them. Microwaving broccoli destroys much of its nutrients. Steaming broccoli keeps the nutrients where they belong. 

Leftover Chinese takeout - It isn’t dangerous, but reheating those delicious Chinese leftovers in the microwave invariably makes them soggy and less tasty. For best results, heat them slowly on the stove top.

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