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9 Ways to Keep House Guests Happy

Friday, December 11, 2015

By Barbara Pronin It’s the holiday season, and if you are one of the many families who will be hosting friends and family for a few days, your aim should be making them feel welcome and comfortable and cut down on stressful situations.

Take a few simple tips from hotel managers to help you achieve the goal:
  • Give them a key and a cheat sheet – Giving guests a key enables them to come and go without disturbing you – and leave a little cheat sheet on the night table containing such things as alarm codes, emergency contact numbers, your Wi-Fi password, instructions or information about your pets.
  • Think like a hotel housekeeper – leave an extra pillow or two and an extra blanket in the guestroom – and be sure a supply of towels is within easy reach.
  • Add fresh flowers and other thoughtful touches – A small bunch of flowers in a vase on the night table goes a long way to make guests feel welcome. Add a magazine or two and a carafe of water and a couple of glasses.
  • Prepare a basket of toiletries – Outfit the bathroom with travel-size tubes of hand cream and toothpaste, body lotion and shampoo – perhaps even an extra toothbrush or comb. Guests may not need them, but your caring effort will be noticed.
  • Think about a luggage rack – They are available online for as little as $15, and having one in the guest room will help your guests stay neat and organized.
  • Ask ahead about allergies or diet restrictions – An email or phone call a few days before the visit will prepare you to meet guests’ food preferences, diet restrictions or other needs.
  • Keep a basket of snacks in the kitchen – Guests may feel awkward snooping about your kitchen for a snack. Keep a basket of power bars, fresh fruit, small packets of nuts, dried fruit or cookies on the kitchen counter.
  • Include guests in meal prep or household chores – Most guests will ask how they can help – and they mean it. Enlisting them to chop veggies, set the table, or help clear it will make them feel more at home.
  • Work out a bathroom routine – If bathroom space is limited, working out a morning or evening routine will make everyone feel more comfortable.

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