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How-to Better Meet Your New Year's Goals

Friday, January 05, 2018

By Zoe Eisenberg Whether it's a brand spankin' new resolution for the new year, or just a goal you've set for yourself, creating change in your life can be difficult. Below are four simple ways to help you stick to that new resolution.

Routine. Creating a goal without working that goal into your routine is a surefire way to fail. Set a simple routine, like a morning walk for more exercise, or creating a weekly meal plan for making healthier choices.

Journaling. Whether you hope to save more money this year or start an exercise routine, keeping a daily journal about your process, thoughts and feelings can help you stick to your goals. Even a few short sentences a day can help mark your progress and keep you in motion.

Accountability. Setting up an accountability partner is a great way to make sure you keep meeting your goals. A spouse, colleague or friend can make a great accountability pal. Just set up regular check-in meetings to fill them in on your progress.

Bounce Back. Miss a day or a week of your goal? Don't let it discourage you. Simply bounce back as soon as you're able to continue pushing forward.

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