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Bedroom Decor Donts: Designers Reveal What Not to Do

Friday, November 01, 2019

While it’s natural that we tend to focus more on the look of our home’s more public places, like the living room and the kitchen, designing a comforting yet functional bedroom that you can fully relax in is well worth your time and effort. Here, interior designers share some of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to decor for the bedroom. See if one of these faux pas is throwing off your design vibe:

1. The wrong-sized bedside tables. Are your tables too tall or too short? What about surface space? Is there enough room to fit a lamp and a good book or two? According to Nashville-based designer Sara Ray, having the right-sized bedside table is a must. The right height ensures that you’ll be able to easily turn lamps on and off, and the right width will allow for all your necessities: lighting, reading material, personal care items and other night-time essentials.

2. The wrong amount of pillows. Getting your pillow game right can be a challenge. Too many pillows can quickly lead to a cluttered and messy look. Yet not enough pillows will make your bed look unfinished and plain. Ray says that you’ll simply have to experiment to get it right. However, if you’re ending up with pillows all over the floor, that’s a clear sign you have too many.

3. A too-small rug. If you’re going to put an area rug in your bedroom, don’t skimp, says Delaware-based designer Megan Gorelick. In fact, make sure it covers the majority of the room to make it feel super cozy.

4. Too much furniture. Since bedroom furniture tends to be large - beds, bureaus, armoires, etc. - less is more should be your mantra. Avoid unnecessary accent pieces that will make the room feel closed in. Maintain as much space as possible to ensure your bedroom remains uncluttered and peaceful.

5. Bold paint. If you want to experiment with bold colors in the bedroom, do so through accent pieces like pillows and lamps, or linens like throw blankets and window treatments, not wall paint. According to Alabama-based designer Tammy Connor, it’s better to keep your walls a softer or neutral color, which are better for inducing sleep.

Source: Insider

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