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Q: What Role Might Engineers Play in My Remodeling Project?

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

A: Soil and structural engineers can be particularly instrumental to a home remodeling project.  An engineer can tell whether you can tear down a kitchen safely or whether the walls can bear the load of a second or third story.  You can use an engineer to size interior supports, stamp a drawing for building department approval, design an appropriate structural repair, test structures to withstand such natural forces as earthquakes, create concrete foundation specifications, size deck supports, and inspect repairs during and after your remodeling job.  Engineers can also perform site preparation work such as an excavation and grading, fix foundation cracks or leaks, raise a settling foundation and test soil for structure support.  You can get a guesstimate of what the job you plan is likely to cost so you can show it to contractors once you start to take bids.  


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