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4 Healthy Habits to Do Daily

Monday, November 13, 2017

By Zoe Eisenberg We all hear about the latest fad diet or workout routine that claims to make you "healthier." But a few quick tweaks to your daily routine can improve your mood by miles - no fads needed.

Stretch. Fifteen minutes of gentle stretching a day can improve not only flexibility but also help your blood flow, posture, and moods.

Laugh. A good chuckle sends a rush of feel-good endorphins right to the brain. Bonus: It's a great ab exercise! Watch a video of your favorite stand-up comedian or phone your funniest friend for a boost.

Connect. Offline, please! Spend fifteen minutes having a genuine face-to-face conversation with a loved one, and make sure to keep up your eye contact throughout.

Cuddle. Did you know physical contact can boost your mood and feeling of self worth? Grab a friend, partner, or even a pet for a few minutes of cuddling every day.

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